Consistent 20% plus growth, a seven figure revenue and net profit almost double the industry standard.

Every small business should have a “David Howells” on their team.

David has helped me achieve consistent 20% plus growth, a seven figure revenue and net profit almost double the industry standard.

At the time I engaged him as a Business Mentor, my business (and enthusiasm) had plateaued and I knew I needed to learn business skills they don’t teach at Vet School if I was going to grow it.

David started straight away helping me create a strategy to increase my sales, reduce my costs and build the business. He showed me how to forecast, understand and use my financial results on a monthly basis and he has guided me step by step to managing the business more effectively with less stress.

I am into my third year of working with David and I now engage him as a Virtual CEO – holding me accountable for my results every month and always stretching me that one step further.

Having David on tap with his calm, reassuring manner to support and guide me, even just pick up the phone to talk to and bounce ideas off when things might be a bit challenging, is a real asset to my business and to me personally.

I highly recommend working with him.


Karen Davies

Direct Vet Services

From an idea to a thriving “in demand” business in less than 2 years.

Thank goodness for David, when I met him a few years ago my Separation Consulting business was not even a start-up, it was just an idea.

I will be forever grateful that David saw the real potential in my idea as a business and believed in me.

I really had no idea how to start structuring a business, let alone any concept of how to grow it into a sustainable company with employees. Back then I didn’t even know what a business plan was or why I needed one, lucky he did.

David’s experience is exactly what I needed when choosing a mentor. His big picture outlook has no boundaries and his knack to drill down to the detail has given me the confidence and control in areas of my business that I was previously scared to even discuss.  His ability to help me to focus on the ‘bigger’ stuff like intellectual property protection, profit & loss and taking my venture to licensing, is packaged together with his outstanding connections to all the right people.

I still have a chuckle these days when I receive his phone calls making me further accountable to myself. His reassuring manner keeps encouraging me to yet greater levels of achievement and awareness.

I highly recommend engaging David to support your business growth. You will see results you didn’t know were possible or even existed.


Alvia Turney

Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists

A new strategy for profits, passion and lifestyle

With David’s guidance, I was able to make more profit in the last 3 months of the financial year than I did for the other 9 months!

After running a small business for 8 years, with rapid growth, I became confused and frustrated at the fact that I was working long hours, with a large turnover but very little profit. Once staff, rent and expenses had been paid, there wasn’t much left. My passion and motivation were decreasing rapidly.

On a recommendation, I started working with David. Our very first meeting led me to re-structure my business completely … something which came from David’s experience and ability to understand what I really wanted the business to be and to show me a different strategy to build the business, increase my profits, improve my lifestyle and rekindle my passion.

I am now excited at the prospect of what is ahead. My new business structure is working well and much easier to manage. I have growing revenue streams. I am finding time to focus on building parts of the business that I love … and I have David supporting, guiding and holding me accountable to keep the business on track.

I can highly recommend working with him if you are looking for similar results in your business.

Leslie Keast-Patch


Thinking outside the square for business expansion.

David gave me some amazing insights into business. He showed me different and innovative ways in which I could view my business, my role within the business and how I should look at expanding. He is a fantastic communicator and has a great business mind.

Pete Ockleshaw

SwipeOut Window Cleaning

Accountability for excellence.

David has taught me business skills I never had, constantly encouraged me to pursue my dream, held me to account at all levels and shown me the pathway to achieve excellence. An absolutely fantastic mentor.

Rychelle Vines

Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre

Customer connection leads to major awards.

David’s business experience and insights into customer connection have been integral to the  success of The Fish Café over the last two years. His contribution to the business has been a key factor in The Fish Café winning four major industry awards as Best Seafood Restaurant in Sydney.

Con Ioannides

The Fish Cafe, Balgowlah

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