In all my years of business I have tended to apply what seems to be typically male rationale and criteria to management thinking and decision making ie: numbers, logic, solutions, returns …all that quantitative type of information.

But a rather gifted lady friend has changed all that.

Over the last few years I have tentatively dropped my guard and opened up a little (just a little … after all, I am a bloke) to some of this chick type spiritual, illogical, unexplainable “woo woo” stuff, under the tutelage of my gifted friend and I never ceased to be amazed by her knowing and insight and wisdom in all that stuff.

Like damn it … she just knows when something is going on.

I reckon she has a remote, brain scanning drone hovering around out there somewhere just waiting to grab sneaky peaks into my thoughts!

But late last year she totally blew me away with the accuracy of one of her “readings”.

I had a bit of a business situation coming up that had troubled me for some time and out of the blue my friend  calls me and says “OK what’s going on?”

So I chatted it through with her and she said “Let’s do a ‘reading’ on it”. So she pulled out her “cards” (could have been tea leaves or a crystal ball for all I knew) and says “Ask a question”.
Now this situation (being a Court matter) could have gone many different ways so being an inquisitive kinda guy and a bit of a smartarse, I said “How many do I get?”.

Four very specific questions and four very clear answers (and one further unsolicited prediction) later and my friend had provided me with absolute clarity and total belief in the course of action I had already embarked on, confidence in the outcome and a calmness to handle the pending situation with purpose and dignity.

And next day the outcome was precisely as she had called it … right down to the prediction of the other party not turning up for the Hearing.

It has taken me many years to accept it, but I am now convinced that it doesn’t matter what your situation is or what you want to call it, but that sort of grounding, calming, unconventional, wise counsel is something we could all use a lot more of in business and the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives.